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    Are you unemployed? Do you live in Michigan? Finally, are you just too unfamiliar with the Internet and the Wold Wide Web? Well, https://www.michworks.org has taken the complications out of seeking job information or unemployment benefits online.

    If you can just get down to the Public Library and get on one of their internet connected computers then just type in: https://www.michworks.org in the address bar. Make sure to put it in just as it is. The extra “s” on the end of the “http” means it is a secure site that has taken extra precaution to keep anyone from hacking into the database and stealing your information. So long as you are in the environment of their website you can enter the required Social Security or Personal Identification Numbers without fear of identity theft.
    If you are just looking for a job then you merely set up an account from the listed display here and fill in your information. After you have your account you can access over fifteen hundred new job listings across Michigan every month. Take advantage of writing and posting a resume at https://www.michworks.org. The service is free to use and can get your qualifications in front of up to forty thousand potential employers looking for just the right person to fill a vacancy in their organization or business.

    Jobs from Michigan

    Take the time to click on the “Career Resources” button. This will take you directly to a place where you can do job searches, file for unemployment benefits or even find ways to fund a new business if you have decided that your life’s dream is to become self employed. If you are afraid you may get lost in all the pages remember that you can always hit the “Home” tag in the menu and it will put you back to the beginning of https://www.michworks.org. From there you can start off in a new direction to find useful and needful information about the job programs available to the Michigan citizen.
    Knowing that many people are still unfamiliar with the technology, the Michigan Talent Bank keeps it easy to understand and use. With the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency requiring you to keep up with your unemployment account through their voice recognition help program “MARVIN”, it is a good place to start learning the basics of doing such business online.

    You can also find many helpful resources to help you choose a career or change from an old one. At https://www.michworks.org you will discover articles that range from information for the student just beginning a working career to the savvy businessman who can keep up with what he is paying in to the program to aid unemployed workers. He can also find out about new laws and policies that could affect his business.

    The Internet is not as frightening as some would like you to believe. The Michigan Government has helped the newcomer by making this vital information available in such a way that you can understand how to use it to your benefit. You will never know until you try and you may find it quite appealing to spend the hours needed to learn everything at home rather than have to sit around in their physical office for days on end trying to get the same things done in person.

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