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    istock_000002051445xsmall Regardless of how effective the online services are for Michigan Unemployment Insurance, there are some programs it is better to go directly to the Unemployment Office to look into. Through the Michigan Works Association you can be set up with a wide number of service provides from the private sector. These contracted service providers are used to best meet the fluctuating needs of any particular area of the State from month to month.
    There are twenty-five individual agencies of Michigan Works! spread by district across the State. These oversee one hundred local agencys which provide more direct aid to the between jobs worker. Spread through population based geographic areas, the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency has sought to make them as close as possible to all the citizens of Michigan.

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    One of the primary services run through all the agencies is the automated labor exchange service called Michigan’s Talent Bank. Depending on the needs of a local area you will find adult, youth and dislocated workers programs. The service centers provide various welfare reform programs in addition to their unemployment office services.
    Sears Area Day Panoramic For a guide to the full listing of benefits available as well as the address and phone number of whichever Michigan Works! Agency unemployment office nearest your location, set your browser to http://www.michiganworks.org/page.cfm/14/ and download the PDF (portable document file) guide to over a hundred locations throughout the State.

    Through the development of the Michigan Works! Association, the State has centralized both the public and private sectors of government and business so that a more effective and smooth program is available to the citizens of Michigan. Replacing older and more cumbersome unemployment office systems in 1987, Michigan Works! has been recognized as the most innovative plan of its type in the nation.

    05-24-06 Lake Michigan Sunset-2Coupling the basic relief provided by an unemployment office with many career advancement services and education, Michigan Works! helps make the workers of Michigan even more valuable in their next job. If you are currently employed, you may find that by checking with Michigan Works!, you can prepare yourself for an even better job or career in the future.

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