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    workforce.gifThe Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG) of Michigan strives to promote economic and workforce development, stimulate job creation and enhance the quality of life in Michigan. DELEG envisions Michigan as an economic powerhouse where the lives of its residents will be enriched by the use of creativity and the commitment of staff and partnerships. Developing the tools needed to inspire innovation, attract the most qualified members of Michigan, promote entrepreneurship, create businesses and keep existing ones are just some of their goals. Protecting significant industries while strengthening urban and rural communities is key, while fostering diversity based on inclusion, rewarding educational excellence, and ultimately strengthening the workforce are integral to their goals and mission.


    In order to live up to its mission and achieve economic development, DELEG must offer a variety of services to the community and its leaders. With the following services and agencies, DELEG is actively working to foster economic growth and job creation in Michigan while maintaining quality of life. Such services are not limited to the ones mentioned below, but are some of the most vital ones of the state of Michigan.
    State Capitol IMG_1223The Bureau of Commercial Services makes sure that commercial businesses are operating legally and to the best of their potential according to legal standards. To ensure diversity, the Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs promotes the interests of Hispanics. The Council for Labor and Economic Growth ensures development and improvement of Michigan’s Workforce Investment System.

    Jobs from Michigan

    The Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation oversees the insurance industry along with banks, credit unions, and other service-oriented companies. For safety and security, Michigan’s Bureau of Fire Services makes sure that facilities and institutions are safe. Health and Safety are further ensured by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    Health care for all protest outside health insurance conference at Moscone WestThe Office of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives offers reliable information on employment related issues and the economy of Michigan. Unemployment agencies, Workers’ Compensation agencies and the Bureau of Workforce Transformation are available to provide the best employment security of citizens and help train professionals. The Wage and Hour Division creates laws that protect the wages and fringe benefits of workers in Michigan, and is responsible for providing for the safe and legal employment of minors.


    The Michigan Public Service Commission is responsible for energy-efficient, reliable and safe transportation services are available for the public. Residents with disabilities can seek employment through the Michigan Rehabilitation Services. The Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns is a supporter of the many people with disabilities in Michigan and ensures that their needs are met. The Michigan State Housing Development Authority provides financial and technical assistance through public and private partnerships to create and preserve affordable housing for low and moderate income families.

    State legislation is made affective through the Policy and Legislative Affairs Offices. Last but not least, the Michigan Tax Tribunal is responsible for jurisdiction over property tax issues.

    With the services listed above and the many others available for Michigan residents, the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth of Michigan can aim to achieve employment security, economic growth and quality of life.

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